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Here at Exeter HDKI Karate Club, we know that sometimes all it takes to progress is a little support. Karate is accessible to all people, not just just the athletic. Karate is proven to promote confidence and general well being to it's participants.

The Exeter Dojo if offering an overall health and wellness package, with an array of classes to suit all.

Exeter Dojo is teaching traditional Shotokan Karate and incorporating fitness & practical application.

Private classes / 1-2-1 also remain available via Zoom currently. These classes can focus on your Karate training specifics and areas that you feel you need additional support with, including mentoring / coaching.

If you are local to my area, there will be opportunities to meet at an outside space (observing the social distancing rules).

Chrissie Sensei, is available for regular Karate training classes, 1-2-1 and or small group Karate classes & seminars.

Chrissie Sensei, is also keen to develop a team of Karate instructors & is offering a training / mentoring programme, for those wishing to pursue this, in the future.

​You must be a minimum of a Shodan grade (black belt) and hold a HDKI license.  You must also be a member of the HDKI Exeter Dojo.

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